Just like Alice

You know I’ve been feeling like Alice recently, hoping that you guys have watched Alice in Wonderland the cartoon otherwise my reference won’t make any sense at all. Did you notice how she gives herself the best advise and then never follows it?! 😂I’m I the only one who relates with that?! Because I give myself excellent advice, I call a meeting, me and myself attend, we agree on changes we are going to make to be better and then we just never follow any of it😂😂😂 or we do, you know for two days and then we are right back to mediocre behavior I even spoke to my mom about this a while back because it was driving me crazy and if you can’t tell it obviously still is. It bothers me because mediocrity bothers me. All my mom had to say was that I’m too hard on myself… maybe… or maybe I need to tighten the reigns. Our personalities are different here’s and mine so we obviously can’t agree on all things. But first console me, at least tell me I’m not the only one.
I woke up last night to workout because I had promised myself I would. It had gotten to that point where I had to plead with myself because not having worked out would be to not keep a commitment to myself and jeez a little loyalty and follow through is needed, because if I can’t keep a commitment to myself then surely I can’t keep a commitment to any e and that would make me unreliable, undependable, in short all the things that I do NOT want to be associated with. Change is needed. Not the kind that lasts a day then I’m back to bullshitting, the kind that makes it a habit, the kind that makes me a role model. When I was done with my workout something came to me, a voice actually. The voice said that if I did everything I needed to do at the time the thing needed to be done then I would find that I have time to do everything I need to do. If that isn’t the most profound thing I have ever heard; then nothing is. Chew on that and enjoy the rest of your day.