Room for God

In this day and age I’d say every body is scrambling to be someone, we are all so busy doing whatever occupies our time and it got me thinking about a blog I follow called “finding God in messy places” (y’all should check it out by the way). What drew me to the blog was the title, I’m an analyst I like to analyse everything that sparks my interest or anything that intrigues me and this particular blog title did. It made me think about my life it made me think about God and the kind of relationship I have with him.

Naturally any spiritual person just wants to get closer to God that’s the goal everyday, to feel him more in life. But anyone can want things. And wants g something and actually making it happen are two very very different things. We all want God to lean into our lives more but what are you doing about it?! What I’m I doing about it?! Something else that may have definitely contributed to this is a quote I read sometime not too long ago that read “if you want God to open the door let go of the handle” damn does that sound as profoundly to you as it does to me?! Because to me it was like an aha moment, that so many times we pray to God for things and for this and that and for situations we are struggling with  and then what do we do?! We leave him no room to do his job. That’s the point of this whole post. Where is room for God in your life?! Does he have any room or are you playing your role and his?! I’ll give you an example of giving God no room, this is what happens, you ask God for a husband and then you go ahead and marry the wrong guy, like what the hell?! Then will you go ahead and say that God didn’t listen?! That God doesn’t answer prayers because he does, always and forever but if you are going to go to him you need two things.

1. Be patient and

2. Get the hell out of the way.

Let God be God. Let him love you, let him take care of you. Let him be God. Give him room.