Happiness, not only but also…

Not only can you find happiness but you can also create it.

Thing with all humans is that all our lives we have been taught that happiness, our happiness will be brought to us by someone else. That means we can’t have our own, no no, it has to be brought by someone and if that someone never shows up?! Well I’m afraid you’ll just have to settle for being miserable, we apologize.

Does that sound good to you?! Well it doesn’t sound good to me either. As a matter of fact that thought alone is quite depressing. Thing I realised is that happiness doesn’t start from outside of you, starts from within. I know most of you think that you already know all this but I disagree. You think you do but you are still unhappy, why?! Because you are still waiting, go on deny it, I’ll even pretend to believe you. This is wiring we are talking about, you can’t rewire overnight. It’s like self improvement, it takes effort for some a little effort and for others a lot.

Happiness, what makes you happy if you were to live alone for the rest of your life so there was no one to bring happiness to you, what brings you joy?! Think about it I’ll wait. After all I have nowhere else to be but right here with you. I want to help you understand maybe so that I can understand it too. I recently learnt that I love the saxophone, it produces such beautiful music, soothsayer all my demons, helps calm my mind, brings me joy. I love writing, makes me feel like there is more than just me there is something else, someone else I can share with and that makes me happy and being outside after the sun has gone down ofcourse that brings me joy too so I take walks after dusk as often as possible. But there are things that bring you that same kind of joy and you need to find it and it there is nothing to find then create your joy, your happiness. It is really that simple. The first and most important step is that you get over this person who is supposed to bring you joy, happiness and unicorns then everything you’ve every wanted to feel of happiness will come to you and you won’t even have to beg.


What about your dreams?!

Something has recently been brought to my attention, it was a quote actually. It read if you don’t spend your time working on your dream you’ll spend it working for someone else’s dream. The reason why the quote called to me is because I’m a freelancer I write for a living, I write for people’s blogs and magazines and websites which is good I mean we all have to work for a living but I haven’t had a second to even check whether or not my blog is still alive and hence the quote. It’s almost like it was meant just for me as I’m sure someone else will feel as though the quote was just for them. I love what I do as I’m sure some of you also do but I don’t want to forget that I have dreams of my own too.

I think we often get lost in other people’s dreams because the part that needs us is something we love to do. I write and I love writing and because it’s what I do for a living at the time I forget that all this is for someone else’s benefit it’s so that their dream flourishes, blossoms, and what about my dream?! What about your dream?! I’m I the only one who feels like this or have ever felt like this atleast once?! Perhaps. Perhaps not. But if you have the least you could do is like this article :).

I am so grateful for that quote because it asked me a question; Do you remember that you also have dreams, life goals?! And it’s almost as though I had forgotten or else I wouldn’t need to be reminded. I think you may have forgotten to so this is a reminder to you. Don’t sleep on tour dreams and spend all your juice working on someone else’s because you’ll wake up and realise you’re all out of juice. Are you still with me?! Are you paying attention?!