I know what I’m training for, do you?!

I started writing this piece then somehow my thought process went right off the rails and I had to start over. I realized that my opinion was too biased and I’m not here to play “mom”  to any of my readers. I don’t exist here to tell you what to do so I had to do this piece over.

What does training mean?! Take your time… I’ll wait. Good we all on the same page now, great! So a lot of people from school have been commenting on how I dress now, they say it’s so official and sophisticated and in truth, yes it is all of that, but why is the question. I’m I working? Yes. And we all are. Some of us just take it more seriously than others. Most students don’t realize that college is a training ground. We are all being trained to be a certain person. I’ll give you an example, say you want to be a business consultant, that dream doesn’t start when you graduate, It starts when you decided that your time in campus and your tuition is a seed and what you want to saw from it is business consulting. Now, who do you want to be in the firm?! Are you a partner?  Are you a clerk? Are you in the mail room or are you the Director?! Whatever your answer was is what you are training for.

Every day that’s who or what you are training for. Directors don’t become directors on the day they are appointed, no no no, they become Directors when they’re still in school they know exactly where they are going, they know all their goals and they know just how to make it happen. They look like directors even now, their suits may not be Armani but they are still in a suit, they are precise, they get the job done, they are always ahead of schedule and they don’t have time for excuses. Does it sound like a lot of work?! Of course, it does! If it was easy everyone could do it, but not everyone can and not everyone who starts succeeds because the top is not meant for everyone. It’s meant for the few who are willing to go the distance. It’s meant for the few who know just what is at stake and are able to take advantage of every opportunity. Those are the CEOs and the Directors.

My point being, in this world there is only two things and I know someone may contradict me on this and I hope you do (in the comment section below) but the way I see it there is only winners and losers. People who always know what they are training for and people who don’t have a clue. Nothing in between. Now understand that winning means something different for every individual, but all in all there are only two teams and I know what team I’m playing for do you?!

What about your dreams?!

“if you don’t spend your time working on your dream, you’ll be paid to work on someone else’s dream.”

Something has recently been brought to my attention, it was a quote actually. It read if you don’t spend your time working on your dream you’ll spend it working for someone else’s dream. The reason why the quote called to me is because I’m a freelancer I write for a living, I write for people’s blogs and magazines and websites which is good I mean we all have to work for a living but I haven’t had a second to even check whether or not my blog is still alive and hence the quote. It’s almost like it was meant just for me as I’m sure someone else will feel as though the quote was just for them. I love what I do as I’m sure some of you also do but I don’t want to forget that I have dreams of my own too.

I think we often get lost in other people’s dreams because the part that needs us is something we love to do. I write and I love writing and because it’s what I do for a living at the time I forget that all this is for someone else’s benefit it’s so that their dream flourishes, blossoms, and what about my dream?! What about your dream?! I’m I the only one who feels like this or have ever felt like this atleast once?! Perhaps. Perhaps not. But if you have the least you could do is like this article :).

I am so grateful for that quote because it asked me a question; Do you remember that you also have dreams, life goals?! And it’s almost as though I had forgotten or else I wouldn’t need to be reminded. I think you may have forgotten to so this is a reminder to you. Don’t sleep on tour dreams and spend all your juice working on someone else’s because you’ll wake up and realise you’re all out of juice. Are you still with me?! Are you paying attention?!