The workout conundrum

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Before I begin, do either of you have something that you love to do but that you struggle with? Or is this something that only I’m struggling with? All in all, I’ll still write about it, it would just be so much more comforting to know that I am not the only one who has to deal with this.

So for the longest time, that being last three years I have been working out, on and off, not as consistently as I would like because my schedule keeps changing and I could give you excuses until the second coming but the bottom line is that I have this thing that I should be doing that

  1. I know is good for me and
  2. That I love to do but just can’t commit. Although as I write this I’ve just come across like three or four more articles I will be writing about this but for now, let’s focus on this one thing.

The truth is I love my body, so so much it does a great deal for me and the least I could do is take care of it as best I can as should we all but I struggle. That’s for sure. I have good days where I wake up and I know I’ll be working out I don’t need to call my accountability buddy to give me a pep talk or anything like that and other days when I can’t even put on my workout gear. Lol, this has to be a me thing. Anyway, I just have to vent it out. I hate struggling with things when I have a perfectly good platform where I can vent it all out and maybe even help someone.

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At the end of the day I’m trying and even though I typically kick myself when I’m down I’m slowly learning to be more kind to myself. I’m back on track now. I do my TAEBO four days a week and I eat my vegetables and for me, that’s good enough. It’s good to know when I feel down again, I’ll have this post to remind me that’s it’s okay to struggle with something I love. It’s okay to have some days be better than others. It’s all okay. As long as I keep getting back on the wagon when I fall off. I will always get back on the wagon because if there is something I know God gave me in spades is tenacity.

So what’s my point?

  1. Don’t kick yourself when you are down, sometimes what’s needed is understanding.
  2. To be your loudest most peppy cheerleader
  3. At the end of the day, this is the only body you will ever have, so take care of it and be kind to it and treat it as it ought to be treated.
  4. To never give up and lastly
  5. To keep moving forward. No one cares about that day you failed, as long as today you succeed, that’s what matters.