How to be your best self.

It’s simple, stop being mediocre. That’s it you may now stop reading this article if you wish, but if you need further clarification, stick around. How do you imagine the Oxford dictionary defines the word mediocre?!… Can’t come up with anything huh?! It defines being mediocre as just average, not very good. I don’t know how comfortable you all are but when I think about that word and as a word that might be used to define me as a person it just makes my blood boil. I would imagine that even though we have different dreams and ambitions there are few things we have in common, such as always wanting to win and always wanting to be winners. But it’s not enough to want it. Anyone can want anything. But you have to understand that winning is not an event, it’s a lifestyle.

In this piece we’ll only look at five things. Just five and you’ll be winning even against your worst and most powerful enemy, YOURSELF. These five things are things we deal with on a daily basis:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Personal grooming
  • Personal style
  • Attitude
  • Personality.

I don’t know what goes through your mind when you come across these five things but one would think it’s a no brainer. Personal hygiene really?! Who wants to talk about that?! No one does and that’s the problem, we all want to assume that we are all on the same page and therefore that’s where the problem starts. So yes I’m going to talk about it. You have to take a shower before you leave the house to go anywhere that involves either a personal car or public transportation. Just take a shower please, for the sake of the people standing in front of you and behind you in the queue in the supermarket and for the sake of the person(s) seated next to you in the matatu. And ofcourse taking a shower goes hand in hand with brushing your teeth, I won’t even go into that. Just do it, you don’t have to like it but you do have to do it.

Personal grooming is like clipping your long dirty nails and getting your hair trimmed in a timely fashion if you keep your hair short that is and brushing your hair. Essentially these are things that just make you look neat and clean. You don’t have to wear designer clothes and what not, just work with what you have and make it look as presentable as you possibly can. If you have to wear a shirt, make sure it’s ironed; things like that. When you put effort into your appearance 1) People notice. Someone may not walk up to you and comment on it each time but they will notice it and 2) when you look good you feel good because it’s good for your self esteem.

Whether we like it or not, we are judged based on how we look and that is in no way fair or even commendable but that’s just the world we live in today. It is therefore crucial to pay very close attention to your personal style. I will use parisiens because when it comes to fashion they have and hopefully will always be front and centre. Now reason I am using them as an example is because they believe in quality over quantity each time. Few closet pieces of very high quality that you can keep for longer. A clean polished look will open so many doors for you, you’d be surprised.

Your attitude towards it all is in fact the most crucial part of it all. How you honestly feel about being better, not just being better but being your best self ever, that’s what’s going to make all the difference. When it’s genuine it shines through and through and when it’s not it’s completely transparent and you simply can’t keep it up. You’ll tire of trying to be this person who you feel deep down isn’t you, You’ll tire of pushing yourself despite failing several times, you’ll tire of giving 200% while others only give 50%, you’ll tire of looking amazing everyday while others wear pyjamas to class, you’ll tire of the effort and time that creating this new brand is taking away from you. So at the end of the day it starts inside. You have to want it, really want it to actually make it happen and for you to make it your brand.

Finally, your personality. Personally, I don’t like the peoplešŸ˜‚. Ā That’s just God’s truth, but I’m not an island and I can’t be and I simply can’t go around being mean to people because not liking the people in general is a me thing and therefore my problem and mine alone. I have no business spoiling someone’s day. My point here is you have to work on yourself everyday. Be warmer, Kinder, more generous, read more, meditate, exercise, eat better, sleep more. All these things make your body function better and therefore Ā make you an all round happier person. And give everything your best. That’s all you have to do, take care of yourself and give everything your best the first time around, I have nothing against second chances but we don’t always get those so the first time round, knock it right out of the park!

Apply these five simple things and there is just no way you’ll still be mediocre, there is just no way. And of course there will be people who will have something to say, let them. Just let all that negativity and mediocrity roll off your back and keep moving. That’s all you have to do. Just Keep moving forward.