If pretty is all you have then we apologize.

As some of you may know I’m in USIU and there are so many selling points to being in USIU. One of my favorite things about my campus is that it is full of beautiful women,  I mean this is me judging superficially,  if you just so happen to be shallow and pretty is all you care about then please drive down you will be spoilt for choice. Now as any regular girl may attest,  being in a small pond full of equally or prettier girls can be a very interesting experience that may go one of two ways.

1. It can be a heavy blow to your self-esteem  and you wind up comparing yourself to other people and trying to change yourself in an attempt to be “better” than some of the girls.


2. It can be a serious wake up call,  a call to help you realise that being pretty in this day and age is nothing special,  because those who didn’t get it naturally can now get it artificially (#powerofmakeup) bottom line being you all wind up on the same level you know… Given chlorine is not involved 😂, anyway I digress.

What happened to me was the latter given God was kind enough to let me go through my insecure phase at a younger age so that by the time I was joining USIU, I already knew who I was and that validation doesn’t come from outside. Thing is maybe all the girls know this, maybe they don’t but for those who need a reality check then this is for you.

USIU has taught me that to be the best means that yes, it is important to take care of yourself, you MUST take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising regularly but that is a very very small percentage of it all. You have to build your character. What else can people say about you other than the fact that you are pretty?! What do you have to offer?! What are you adding to the table?! To yourself in terms of character?! Are you kind?! Are you the most polite person anyone could meet?! Are you smart with a GPA of at least 3.5?!

What is it about you that someone would remember other than your face or your body?! Because those don’t last very long. And even if they do, is it enough?! I asked myself all these questions, not because I need them,  no I really don’t think I do but  because it’s questions like these that make me better,  that make my readers better or at least have a different perspective. We all have to ask ourselves these things so that we challenge ourselves to look deeper and demand for more from everyone who call themselves pretty, guys included,  you know the ones I’m talking about. He thinks he is the hottest thing that has walked the earth since Narcissus*sp (for those of you who were born yesterday Narcissus*sp was a Greek God who fell in love with  his reflection). You have to demand for more, because more can be found and if the person you demand it from can’t give it to you then please send them packing. It can give them time to cultivate a personality.


Dear fat girl

I didn’t know what to say about this really until this morning. I mean I definitely knew that I wanted to address this issue at some point given that I’m a plus size young woman trapped in the kadarshian ear. (I sure hope I spelt that name right).

So if you are in Nairobi you obviously know how crazy hot it has been of late. It is a thousand degrees out.  I don’t understand this weather.  So of course the acceptable dress code is a vest or a tank top and if you leave the house in anything else there is something very wrong with  you. I remember when I was in fourth grade my class teacher would always insist we take off our sweaters in the afternoon and that we should always respect the weather. This is me laying foundation for the story by the way.

So this morning I’m in a body suit and jeans. Pretty descent right?! The bodysuit is white and has a racer back and of course there is a little bit more of me to love so this person with nothing better to do with their life decides to body check me on my way to school and I remember thinking “Sir no, I won’t cover myself in a blanket just to make you comfortable.”😒

This whole time I have been on this journey of self love, a journey to rediscover and appreciate my body for all that it is and I haven’t once been put to the rest until this morning.  Well I was put to the test again but that’s a story for another day. Not just now because my least favorite instructor will be storming in any minute I expect.

Point is it’s not enough to say you love yourself. You have to actually love yourself and the body you are in. It’s the only one you will ever have. Unless you want to call God stupid in which case I don’t expect that conversation will go down so well. Today I decided that I’m not going to cover myself cause it’s crazy hot  and because I remember my fourth grade tutor with such fondness I will respect the weather and if that makes you uncomfortable I’m sorry but that’s just not my problem.