Post #150|My Love Story Animé Review

I decided to save this very special spot for an anime that I felt was worth its salt. I typically would have saved this spot for a Yaoi but for the sake of the holidays let’s go with something for a general audience ❤.

My love story [Ore monogatari] follows Takeo Gōda, a tall and muscular high school student who doesn’t have much luck with women, as every girl he likes ends up falling for his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, who is charming and good-looking [for Japan]. This all changes when he saves Rinko Yamato, a petite shy girl who, above all other expectations, falls head over heels in love with Takeo. This begins a unique love story.

What I loved about this story is that Takeo isn’t the regular high school boy, he is huge and muscular and actually looks like a guy [lol], and doesn’t have paper-thin lips. My love story dares to stray from the norm of those pretty Japanese high school boys which is a breath of fresh air I must say. My love story covers romance and slice of life genres. It follows Takeo and Rinko as they tiptoe around their feelings until the best wingman in the history of time made them admit it to each other in the cutest way imaginable. As far as love confessions go, there’s is right up there with the love confession from lovely complex and Clannad <3!

If you are a romantic then this is a serious treat. There is nothing more romantic than people who are unapologetically in love. And the third wheel Makoto is like the coolest best-friend I have seen on screen right up there with the BFF from a whisker away. as far as I m concern this is a classic. I didn’t have a single moment where I was rolling my eyes at foolishness or tacky lines, nor did i ever wonder why I was watching this. It is worth every second of screen time and if that doesn’t whet your appetite then at least check it out for Takeo’s abs😏😁💯!

This is definitely a feel-good animé and is worth every second of screen time!!!

Please check it out and thank me later 🙂

Post #149|Ao Haru Ride

Ao haru ride also called blue spring ride is a typical high school romance animé. It follows Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Tanaka who were in the same middle school before Kou had to suddenly move away due to a family tragedy.

Here is a little tip, start with the 2 episode ova. The 2 episode OVA shows Futaba-chan and Kou-kun in middle school. You see them be total different and original. This is important because if you miss that OVA then the rest of the anime won’t make much sense.

In the 12 episode season we meet these two again. We meet an older Ku who is kind of a dick, I mean not because he is one but because he is tired of caring about things, when he was in middle school he lost the mom and it kind of broke him so when we see him again he isn’t the same person. Futaba-chan is different too, she is very fake and superficial which very annoying but Kou is being around her makes her remember who she is.

The story is nice and the animation is great the one big problem I have is with tenderness that doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t lead to anything. Who likes tenderness that doesn’t lead to anything? NOT ME!

We have several tender moments throughout the series, these two clearly love one another, the love between them is evident and apparent to the audience but unless the characters own up to it, it might as well not be there. Another thing I didn’t like about it is that Kou-kun is a flake. He loves this Futaba girl but he stands her up when it matters the most. See that doesn’t make for a good romance story. And if that didn’t make him look bad he also teases her about her weight a lot. I mean, I can overlook a lot of things but there are kids who will watch this thing and doubt their self-worth as a result of this poor writing.

If you can overlook those main issues then go ahead and check this out. Enjoy your holiday’s loves!!!

Post #148|Say I love you Animé Review

Say I love you is your typical run of the mill high school romance animé. It follows Mei Tachibana a shy high school girl who typically prefers to mind her business and keep to herself and the love interest a popular boy Yamato Kurosawa.

I won’t mince my words, there is nothing interesting about this animé. The animation is good but the story is typically. I watched it about a month ago and there isn’t a single thing I remember about it because nothing about it was truly remarkable or unforgettable. If you haven’t seen it and you just want to so you can cross it off your list then go ahead but, if you are looking for something to make you feel then honey this ain’t it :(!

Mei and Kurosawa meet in an unusual way, she roundhouse kicked him having mistaken him for his pervy friend who had the disgusting habit of peeking up at girls skirts on the stairs. After that Kurosawa is intrigued and so he decides to pursue Mei. He finds out that she is very straight and blunt which he falls in love with because he is surrounded by people who only tell him what he wants to hear, so having this girl who has no interest in impressing him, who will just tell him whatever she is thinking and feeling is a serious breathe of fresh air. Thanks to Mei he is able to see himself in an honest way. And as for Mei, thanks to Kurosawa she is able to come out of her shell a bit and make some friends.

It’s a win-win for everyone. It isn’t a bad story but I have watched so many remarkable animé so far that bland animé just doesn’t get any mercy, at least not from me!

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Post #147|Monochrome Factor Animé Review

Monochrome factor is a faux boyslove following a high school student Akira Nikaido, a typical slacker living a normal life. That is, until he meets the mysterious Shirogane, a man who suddenly appears and tells him that they have a destiny together. When Akira hears this, he is shocked and doesn’t believe a word of it. Suzuno Aya, a friend of Akira, forgets something in the school one night, and asks Akira and Kengo to help her and go find it. He agrees, and while there, he gets attacked by a shadow monster.

Shirogane convinces him that the balance between the human world and the shadow world has been distorted and that Akira must become a “shin”- a creature of the shadow world- in order to help restore the balance. But if Akira stays as a “shin” he will become a shadow himself, and normal people will not see him anymore. Shirogane wanted to be with him and lied that if he became his shadow he will be seen by other people again.

Soon after a person called “master” told Akira that he did not need Shirogane to become his shadow because he has an object that, if he steps on it, would become his shadow, which made Akira angry at Shirogane. After, Akira notices that his friends Aya and Kengo could see Akira and Shirogane when they are “shin,” so Akira decides that the two could join them and help Akira and Shirogane to get the balance back to normal.

Okay synopsis aside let’s get into what I didn’t like about this thing, it isn’t a boylove animé and that really pissed me off. Especially because its 25 episodes long. I mean if you are going to waste our time then at least be kind enough to do it for as few episodes as possible you know.

If you are a Fudanshi or Fujoshi this is a waste of your time unless you are really interested in watching a series that is twenty five episodes long only to never see two guys hook up. Annoying as heck. I am still pissed about this.

To be fair, if you’re just interested in fighting and mystical creatures and what have you then sure check this out. But otherwise, don’t bother. Let me save you the trouble. If you are relieved to not have to waste your time on this then be sure to it the like button. If you have a difference in opinion then come at me in the comment section below. Later!

Post #146|Remnant Kemonohito Omegaverse Manga Review

Wolf Furries where are you? This one’s for y’all.

Remnant: Kemonohito Omegaverse is a furry manga following the relationship between Daato and Juda. Daato is an omega, Juda is an alpha. These two met in a most unusual way. Daato was desperate to protect his omega sister and so he decided that he would run away with her somewhere they won’t have to be separated. Given that they were both orphans they didn’t have any money so Daato decided to dig up his mother’s grave and take whatever jewels she was buried with so he could pawn them off and they would have the money they needed to get away. In the middle of all this came Juda, he was all hooded so at first we don’t know its him either, he gives Daato some money and tells him that he doesn’t have to do that, that he sold leave his mother’s grave alone.

The next time they meet it is equally awkward only this time Daato’s first heat happens and they become bonded as a result of this. I shall just say for the record that I am not a furry myself, I don’t find creatures that are half animal half human attractive at all, however, I am a fan of a good love story which this is.

These two are in an uncomfortable paring but they wind up falling madly in love with each other, and as a hopeless romantic that’s all I could ask for. Juda complains a whole lot but he protects his Omega with everything he has and stubborn as Daato is he finds himself submitting to his alpha.

There is no shortage of drama either so if you’re not a furry wither then check it out for all the drama and the sweet love story between these two strong minded individuals. This is a Yaoi too if it wasn’t apparent. The genres covered are Yaoi, Omegaverse and Romance. It is very entertaining and the scenes that are NSFW are pure fire for all my closeted hentais.

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Post #145|The Last Train Manga Review

The last train is a Yaoi/boyslove manga.

Guys this manga is something you can read start to finish in 15 minutes flat and not only that but it is also like the cutest manga you will ever read. Okay maybe not the cutest, cutest, but definitely mech kawaii!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

The last train gets its name from the fact that the main characters were always on the last train. They are both salary men and from what we all know from what we have heard about japan this is what is normal right? Working yourself to near death every day? Right so anyway, the last train follows Tooru-san who is a systems engineer and Miki-san who is in the sales department.

These two gentlemen meet on one fateful evening after haul-assing to the train station and missing it despite their best efforts. Tooru-san looks over to his left and notices a guy who isn’t looking too good. Being the kindhearted man that he is, Tooru-san decides to help this guy. After the debacle, its late and they need a place to stay so they decide to go to a hotel and when they got there the hotel was full save for one room with two beds in in so they decide they’ll take the room. Noting happened that night you perv, I can totally see what you were thinking but that night nothing happened.😝

After that they missed the last train again, this became the second time this had happened in a short time span and so Miki-san being the more forward one decided to as this other guy out. not in a romantic capacity though, just to go out and hang out as friends. This goes on for a while until feelings begin to develop.

This whole manga is simply too stinking cute. Their love story is so sweet and innocent and nothing grossed me out the whole time. The pace was just right for a manga that was so short. If you are looking for a quick read, look no further. This is it. The last train also called Saishuu Densha.

  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Complete

Post #144|Totally Captivated Manhwa Review

Totally captivated is a Yaoi Korean Manhwa. It is currently 48 chapters in and as far as I can tell it is a continuing Manhwa. The prevailing themes are romance and action.

Totally captivated follows Mookyul a Gang leader who insists on being referred to as a businessman and his love interest Ewon who he has been sprung over since he was in junior high. Mookyul was an orphan who had a really hard life until he was “saved” by a man who they refer to throughout the Manhwa as the Big boss. This Big boss guy decided to act as Mookyul’s foster father and at some point started having pet activities with his foster son which continue throughout the Manhwa.

Ewon has his own story which I shall leave you to find out for yourself. We see Ewon work really hard, he is a full time Uni student and has several part time jobs and somehow he still manages to keep his grades sky high. He is also super kind and the guys at the Mafia office all love him to bits.

What I loved about this Manhwa was the history and all the back stories that bring the main characters to where they are now. Those are what make this Manhwa truly amazing. Another interesting thing about it is that both Mookyul and Ewon are pitchers so seeing Ewon be pursued when he is the one who is used to doing the pursuing is really interesting and funny.

I also love the issues they tackle here, we see a real couple have a real couple fight and we see what happens when someone refuses to do what is needed by the relationship. Okay now onto what I didn’t like… I HATED their s*x scenes. Guys, no lube and no condoms, Sensei who wrote this thing wtf? There was like blood everywhere that’s not right sir!!! It’s disgusting. That bothered me a whole bunch and the fact that we never get to see Ewon pitch, why? He is a pitcher too right? Then we should see him pitch!

Rant aside fact is I couldn’t put it down. Yes I was definitely outraged but I read the whole thing in one sitting I just couldn’t leave it alone until I was only left with the comments so you need to give this a look.

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PS: Pet activities is code for sexual relations**

Post #143|Blue Sky Complex Manga Review

Another boyslove manga🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Blue sky complex is a boyslove manga following two high school boys Motochika and Natsuki. OMG guys how they got together was so cute. So these two are basically polar opposites. Motochika is an honor roll student while Natsuki is a delinquent so of course there is no way these two meet in school or outside of school. One day though, fate has its own idea, their homeroom teacher requested/strong armed/manipulated Motochika into manning the library while the librarian was on maternity leave and the rest is history💕.

Ha-ha okay there is more to it than that. Motochika has two little twin brothers at home who adore him to the moon and back so the minute he gets home they stick to him like glue and talk ten miles an hour until they collapse from exhaustion so when Motochika was strong armed into manning the library and by extension supervising the delinquent who was serving time for something he had done, he realized it wasn’t so bad.

This opportunity gave him time to read in peace away from his doting baby brothers and of course his grades went up as a result. This was basically a punishment to both of them because in the beginning Motochika didn’t want to be there either but gradually they started to look forward to it even though they never spoke that first semester. Fast forward to the second semester, something happened that prompted conversation and they just keep talking.

Unlike Motochika more fondly called Chika, Natsuki is gay. He only likes boys. So Natsuki develops a thing for Chika and decides he would seduce him😏. This meant sticking his tongue down Chika’s throat every chance he got until Chika finally was like “Ey bro what’s your deal?”

What I loved about this manga was that first of all it’s Yaoi. Y’all know I am a diehard FUJOSHI😻! I also loved how you never see the surprises coming. The Sensei found a way to keep every page interesting and captivating and their s*x scenes… whoooo absolute fire🌶🌶🌶!!! The only thing I hated about their sex scenes was they talk to damn much😒! Who is busy having a conversation during pet activities? I thought that was weird and unnatural and the first manga where people think the best time to have a conversation is mid coitus [violently rolls eyes, I do NOT endorse this!!!]

That aside it is a very cute manga and you should definitely read it. It is definitely mature YAOI content so keep that in mind. If this whet your appetite for this manga then be sure to leave me a like and for more reviews hit the follow button which are both below this post. Ja ne!

Post #142|Inu X Boku Secret Service Animé Review

Did someone say age-gap animé?

Inu to Boku SS is an age-gap, slice of life, romance animé following Ririchiyo-sama and her secret service agent Soushi-san who are both from some special clans that have mystical powers. We see their powers a few times during the animé but for the most part this is a romance animé.

Ririchiyo-chan moves from her family home so she could be alone. She has a potty-mouth and wants to try and reform herself so she can make friends. In the process of all this she meets Soushi-san who desperately wanted to be her secret service agent so after a pity party and manipulation, Ririchiyo-sama found herself in the care of Soushi-san. I must say Soushi-san has some serious game.

We follow these two as they peel back their layers and find that Ririchiyo-sama is infact not an asshole, her potty mouth is simply a defense mechanism against all the hostility she grew up around and we also learn that there is waaaaaaaay more to Soushi-san than meets the eye.

By now y’all know I live and die for any romance that colors outside the lines and this is definitely one to watch. I mean it is a little bit of a slow burn but it is definitely worth every second of screentime. I loved the character development and I loved how the extra characters added so much drama, flavor and humor to the anime. I loved this. This is definitely one of the classics for me and I will go ahead and read the manga, see if it’s worth its salt so please look forward to that review.

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Post #141|Chobits Animé Review

Chobits is a Sci-Fi animé following the goofball that is Hideki and the persocom that he collected on a heap of garbage who he named Chi. The animé starts with Hideki moving to Tokyo after failing the college entrance exams, so he moves to Tokyo to work and study and retake the exams. In the process of all this, he finds a human size persocom abandoned on a garbage pile and he decides to carry it home with him because he has seen how useful they were and thought it might be handy to have one for himself.

Turns out that the persocom he rescued from the trash is a special type of persocom called Chobits hence the animé title. From what I gathered, these persocoms are very much almost human, they can learn and feel all on their own unlike the other persocoms it’s almost like they are almost self-programed as humans are. The story develops into a romance which Hideki is fighting for some idiotic reasons he concluded on his own. We see him spend the majority of the animé fight his feelings for Chi, hanging on to the idea that humans should be with humans.

What I loved about this for starters is the whole idea of these persocom things, I love that, I also loved the age-gap romance between Minoru the young boy genius and his persocom Yuzuki which he made in the likeness of his onessan I mean that hits so many of my fetishes I can’t fault it if I tried. I also loved the Age-gap romance between Takako-sensei and Hiromu who is Hideki’s neighbor and best friend.

As you can see this film genre skews towards the romantic side. Is it worth your time? Only if you like laughing to literal tears and stupidity and age-gap romance. It definitely checked all the boxes for me. The only thing that was left out was Yaoi but with all the age-gap romance, I shall forgive them.

I also loved how there were some heavy themes going on but they were handled beautifully. In a way that was light yet moving and memorable. I definitely recommend Chobits. Even if you don’t have a thing for age-gap romance you at least have a funny bone or two that can be tickled right?

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