Post #96|Ten Count Manga Review

Issa yaoi Manga 😼

Chapters: 48

Status: ongoing

I would like to remember how I got into Yaoi in the first place but that can be a problem for another day. By the way, if you have something against boys love this is your cue to leave….. have you left? Great!

Ten Count, Vol. 6 (Yaoi Manga) eBook by Rihito Takarai ...

Ten count is a raunchy boy’s love manga following Riku Kurose a psychiatrist and this stranger he met on the street during a chance encounter called Tadaomi Shirotani. Being a psychiatrist he was able to look at Tadaomi-san with the gloves on and instantly tell that he was suffering from some condition called mysophobia. Riku-sensei had encountered this once before with an old love interest, okay I’m judging here a little, that scene had him looking pretty young so Rihito-sensei get serious please nothing that’ll take anyone to jail. Anyway, Riku-sensei had an old friend with the same condition. This is actually what made him get into the field, he wanted to understand what was wrong with his friend so he started to do research at a pretty young age about the condition [mysophobia] and before he knew it, it was what he wanted to focus on in college.

Unfortunately, Riku-sensei wasn’t able to help his childhood friend so when he meets Tadaomi-san it’s kinda like the universe is giving him a do-ever, a chance to make good. That’s how he seems to view it anyway. Riku-sensei wants to do better, he wants to be able to help Tadaomi-san as much as he can and he tries really hard, he does everything he can to help him, he knows when to push him and when to step back and in the midst of all this, they fall in love.  The rest of it is a lot of NSFW which is beautifully illustrated by the author Rihito-sensei. From a Fujoshi point of view, thank you for the clear illustrations of it Rihito-sensei, I’m pretty sure I speak on behalf of the Fujoshi and Fudanshi community saying we truly appreciate it.

I have oversimplified the story but that is the main gist of it. If it isn’t obvious from the pictures the characters are absolutely gorgeous and they’re both dealing with a lot of things which only thickens the broth and makes it truly wholesome despite all the NSFW stuff. I really loved reading this manga the only one that could rival it is Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai which I have reviewed to death and will link below. If this is your glass of iced tea then honey bring a big straw!

Ten Count, Vol. 3 (Yaoi Manga) eBook by Rihito Takarai ...

TEN COUNT by Rihito Takarai
Doesn’t hurt does it?

Post #95|Lovely complex Review

Never have I ever laughed and cried so much in my life. I mean I have seen longing, but not like this. I mean this anime… it has a strong sense of nostalgia to it, the feelings these high schoolers were feeling felt eerily familiar in a way that was both good and bad. I sobbed for the lead female character even though she was the reason I was laughing until my tummy hurt, what a phenomenal character she was. I have never seen someone chase anyone so earnestly or love someone so desperately, or be so hopelessly relentless, I mean she makes me feel like I’m not really living you know?!

If you haven’t watched Lovely complex you are really missing out and I am not just saying this to say it I really mean it, it is a classic romance anime for a reason. The series is 24 episodes long and the episodes are about 20 minutes each. It mainly follows the lead character Risa Kaozumi and her love interest Ootani Atsushi. Risa is a little tall for her age [not to mention this is in japan] so she is considered an amazon of sorts, she is 170cm and her love interest is only 156 in all honesty that’s pretty short, even for me and I’m 163cm anyway I digress.

The two don’t just fall in love which is what I love about Japanese writing, as a matter of fact, they aren’t on each other’s radar like that at all but, who can resist someone who is ever at their side, supporting them, cheering them on, slapping sense into them as needed, showing up for them when it matters… You see it becomes impossible to ignore and for that reason they just kind of start falling for each other but something as simple as I like you and you like me so let’s be together can become needlessly complicated when pledged against the expectations and demands of society especially one as rigid as the Japanese one.

The pacing is drawn out which only made me like it more, what can I say, I’m an emotional cutter. They really make us [the audience] work for it and truthfully I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don’t care how stone-cold you are, if there is any hope to thaw out your heart even the tiniest bit it’ll definitely be this, why? Why would this be the one exception? Because it has no intention of letting up. I can’t really seem to find a trailer that does it justice so instead, I’ll try to find an AMV and if I can’t find one then please just trust me as your resident Otaku and just watch the damn thing.

Thanks so much for spending part of your day with me I really appreciate it. If you liked this be sure to leave me a like and for more romance anime reviews hit the follow button which are both below. Ja ne!

Post #94|Hey your cat ears are showing

Alright, this will be short and sweet much like the Yaoi anime itself. This is the cutest Yaoi anime on the planet, listen…. Even if Yaoi is not your thing, this will change your mind, it is so adorable it hurts, I mean you will be tearing up from how kawaii this thing is, for real.

Hey, Your Cat Ears Are Showing! Awareness Thread! - The Something ...

Hey, your cat ears are showing is a boy’s love/Shounen-ai anime about Miao an adorable cat person who was lost in the rain one night. Miao and his brother Dong Dong along with other cat people have the ability to change into animals. Miao and his brother turn into cats which is the cutest thing on the planet as you will see from the episodes. What I loved about this boy’s love is that it presents heavy feelings in a cute and light way. We see Da Shu battle feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and other things however the fact that Miao is cuteness overload makes it less overwhelming without taking away from the actual emotions. It also presents an older generation individual being in support of a same-sex couple which I am seriously here for. I mean I could go on and on about this anime but the bottom line is you should watch it.

and your ears are cute | Tumblr

Personally, I give it a 4.5/5 because there was no bumping and grinding so, of course, it will lose points for that they don’t so much as give us a kiss, how mean😭😭😭 but there are a lot of sweet and tender moments that get rid of that annoying “no homo” vibe cause I’m a Fujoshi so I want all the homo I can get. Come at me!!!

If you haven’t seen this bundle of cuteness you are doing yourself a serious disservice. I found you episodes on YouTube and will be linking them below for your convenience😌.

Post #93|Is it okay to not be happy all the time!?

I see all these posts on social media and on other blogs about being happy😊 and being positive🌞 and it just caused me to think is it ok to have a bad day? Is it ok to not be happy from time to time? Which brought forth the thought of toxic positivity. It is possible to be unhappy as a result of forcing yourself to be happy all of the time. Is it ok to not want to see people’s faces from time to time, it is ok to want to take a break, it is ok to wake up and not want to get out of bed. It is ok to want to shut yourself in all day, it is okay to take time out for yourself. It is okay to have a day not go as you had planned. It is okay for you to go ahead and feel bad about it. It is okay for you to sulk if you want to. It is ok for you to feel sorry for yourself from time to time. You do not have to force yourself to be happy all the time. That is not what being mentally healthy is.

Mental health is a delicate and important thing, however, forcing yourself to be happy is not being mentally healthy. Mental health is about being in tune with your thoughts and your feelings and ensuring that they are in a state of balance meaning it is ok for them to move from side-to-side. Simply stating that sometimes you will feel good and some of the time you will feel bad, and that’s okay, as long as you acknowledge those feelings and try to understand the cause of each of them. It is easy to misunderstand what it means to be in a healthy state of mind. It is easy to look at people’s social media go through blog posts and somehow convince yourself that you’re supposed to be happy the time and that if you are not happy all the time you are failing somehow. This kind of exposure robs you of your right to feel sad when you should be feeling sad or unhappy or even depressed because negative feelings are part and parcel of life too. So today’s post is here to tell you that both ends of the spectrum are okay and that we should be open and accepting of both good and bad feelings.

I cannot say who this blog post is for, all I know is that as I was reading all these blog posts about positivity, how to be positive and all things positivity and it prompted me to think that maybe this is why toxic positivity is becoming so prevalent, people forcing smiles all the time even though they are dying inside is unhealthy, which pushes heavily towards the topic that is suicide, as a matter of fact, I just watched a video on YouTube talking about that but I won’t talk about that today. If you have been feeling like this I hope this makes it a little bit better. Thanks for reading this, If you liked it hit the Like button below and for more posts like this hit the follow button below. Have a great day or night.

Post #92|5 Things I hate about Animé

Hello friends, another Animé related post. I really need to get a grip however before that happens I thought I would follow up on my post about the 5 things I love about Animé with a post about five things I hate about Animé to maintain an objective view of things. Honestly, if my posts can turn even one of you babies into an Animé Otaku, a Fujoshi or a fudanshi I’d be happy, after that I wouldn’t ask for anything else😊. I digress, let’s get into these five things shall we, oh and if I left anything out please add them in the comment section below😉.

1. Shyness

Okay I shall be the first to admit that some of these may be as a result of cultural differences so please keep that in mind as you are reading these. For starters I grew up watching American movies and TV shows and as such that is the culture I most identify with. A culture where both men and women are bold and daring when it comes to matters of the heart♥ . Where people are open and honest when they fall in love. Now imagine the culture shock when I first interacted with Animé where people just pine for one another secretly. In all honesty I still find it annoying especially when the longing seems unbearable to either party it really bothers me. This shyness, this self restraint they have. I did a little research and it is without a doubt a cultural issue so it can’t be helped but still it annoys me😭.

Anime Shy GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

2. Superficial

Woah, these people are superficial. “I like your face” is a line you will hear at least a million times, if you do this you will get fat, and on and on. Superficiality is a prevalent theme in all the Animé I have come across. Again this is a reflection of the Japanese culture which is okay but it really bothers me. Not that I have anything against people caring about their appearance I mean have you seen me (follow me on IG😏)!? Its great to want to look presentable, in fact, it is a requirement however it shouldn’t be a theme in literature [manga] or in the Animé. It’s just not necessary.

React the GIF above with another anime GIF! V.2 (1590 - ) - Forums ...

3. High school forever

Argh!!!! 🙄🙄🙄 If I have to watch one more shoujo Animé following kids in high school I will kill myself. It’s annoying how 99% of all animé follow high school kids I mean don’t they know that life goes on beyond high school?! And I mean doesn’t life get more interesting after high school anyway?  You are free of so many restrictions and stuff like that so to have so much of it be confined in the high school set up really bothers me [which is why I love Yaoi]. I mean a beautiful love story will be beautiful regardless of the setting however a mature love story in a mature setting is even more beautiful don’t you think!?Watamote Kuroki Tomoki Anime Funny Boy GIF | Gfycat

4. High pitch voices

Have you ever heard a voice that was so high pitched that you had to lower your earphone 🎧  volume to 1 just to get through it!? No!? As for me, been there done that😂. The voices sometimes are just too highly pitched that it takes away from the character, again I know this is a cultural thing especially for female characters, the cuter the better however this high pitch voice thing is hella annoying😒.he's pissed off | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure | Know Your Meme

5. Open-eye kissing

Dear Japanese animé writers and directors, why do you hate us!? Why do you continue to subject us to open eye kissing!? It’s creepy and uncomfortable to watch so yamero!!! Enough already. I mean don’t y’all kiss with your eyes closed even in your real lives!? Even if it’s a surprise kiss isn’t it instinctive to close your eyes!? Or is that just me👀 !? The open eye kissing, I’m not here for it, I’ll never be here for it, it’s creepy, 😑.

Top 30 Anime Kisses GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat


Well, that’s my list of five. If you feel like there was something I left out please don’t be shy, leave it in the comment section below, and let’s talk about it😊. Thanks so much for spending part of your day with me I really appreciate it!!! If you liked this be sure to hit the like button below and for more Animé and Otaku related things please hit the follow button so you don’t miss a beat. Adieu! 😘

Post #91|Lessons from Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai

I sound like a broken record at this point but I don’t care because this is my favorite Yaoi manga of all time and if you are a #Fujoshi or a #Fudanshi stop joking with life and read this. Anyway, now that I have coerced you into reading the greatest Yaoi manga of all time let’s talk about some take-homes from this great graphic novel. Before I get into that though let’s do a quick rundown of the characters so you at least have a rough idea of what I am talking about.

Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai is a Yaoi manga that’s following a yakuza [Japanese mafia] guy called Yashiro and his bodyguard Doumeki who falls in love with him. I mean it isn’t that simple even though for Doumeki it was love, at first sight, it wasn’t the same story for Yashiro. What makes their romance interesting is that neither of them is actually gay, well Yashiro is even though he is in denial about it but Doumeki isn’t, he is just a Yashiro-sexual. He loves Yashiro, and he wants him and he wants to remain by his side for all time, and he wants to protect him and be his shield but Yashiro isn’t down for that at all. Yashiro is a hedonist and a masochist. Yashiro was being molested by his step-dad all through his childhood so the whole concept of relationships and love just doesn’t register with him. As a result of this continuous assault, he grows to be a masochist, and as such anything sweet, soft, genuine, and/or tender just puts him off, which all basically describes Doumeki in a nutshell.

Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai really moved me there are so many layers to it that I have overly simplified, it is full of complexities which will certainly fuck up your feelings, that much I guarantee, it will both make and ruin your day and linger in your mind for weeks after you read it, this sweet torture is an absolute must-read. Now let’s get into the take-homes…

Be yourself

This one is specifically a lesson we get from Yashiro. Yashiro is so unapologetically himself that the rest of the Yakuza have no option but to accept him as he is. Yashiro is a gay man but from the way Yoneda-sensei has written him I don’t think he is gay on purpose, I’d say it’s a bit situational which is a little tragic but I wont get into that right now, perhaps in another post. For now, it’s about how Yashiro is an openly gay man in the Yakuza [Japanese mafia] and he just has no fucks to give on that. His personality is very open and honest, what you see is pretty much what you get and he is okay with not being liked, he understands the general complexity if human beings and is okay with being hated for no reason other than the fact that he is himself. Twittering Birds Never Fly Sequel Anime Film & OAD Announced in ...

I found this lesson to be so profound. I mean I learnt this the hard way in boarding school. Some people will hate you simply because you are you and listen, that is totally 💯 okay 🙂 and that’s is what Yashiro demonstrates.

Obdurate love❤️

Now let’s take a look at Doumeki. Doumeki fell in love with a traumatized, complicated human being who is as afraid of such emotion as he is disgusted by it. It is not easy for Doumeki because Yashiro is an asshole for lack of a better word. He isn’t an easy person to love but Doumeki is determined to love him, he is determined to protect him, and he is determined to remain ever at his side, come what may.

Wow, the way Doumeki loves Yashiro is… hontoni sugoi by any standards. The reason why I found this lesson to be interesting is because lip service is so common, as humans we say a lot of things, and we make a lot of promises that we have no intentions to keep. Doumeki is nothing like that though, in fact, he isn’t one to talk, to be honest, throughout the manga he speaks very little but he does a lot. His actions speak volumes. When Yashiro is shot he cuts off his pinkie finger. After that, he promised Yashiro that nothing like that will ever happen again and all other attempts on Yashiro’s life Doumeki prevents. On top of that he remains obdurate even after Yashiro threw him away like he meant nothing to him, he didn’t suddenly turn tail and run, and he stood by his resolve like a man, Doumeki kakkoi!!!😍😍😍Chikara Dōmeki | Saezuru Wiki | Fandom


Throughout the manga we see Yashiro outwit his enemies time and time and time again, why? Because they underestimate him and this becomes his greatest advantage. Yoneda-sensei does not deliberately draw attention to the fact that Yashiro is in fact brilliant, smart and strategic but the fact that he always comes up on top, the fact that he is always steps ahead of his enemy except for that one time when he got shot clearly shows that he is smart.

Most people look at being underestimated as a bad thing, I am here to tell you that being underestimated is the best thing anyone could ever do to you, it gives you a shot at surprising them and making them feel ashamed of themselves and who would pass up such a gratifying opportunity? Being underestimated is actually a gift, so the next time someone underestimates you instead of pouting like a five-year-old, bow your head and say thank you with grace and them show them what you are made of.Twittering Birds Never Fly: The clouds gather" Cutscenes and ...

Trauma… get help

As I have mentioned before Yashiro was being molested by his step-dad and as such it left him all wounded or is it scarred, but either way it left him broken and damaged. I am not a therapist or a clinical psychologist so I am not an authority on this but even I know that this means one needs help. I don’t know why people look down on getting help with matters like this. Perhaps it’s a cultural flaw… I don’t know either way, what Yashiro shows us is that trauma isn’t like a puddle of water in the sun, it won’t simply evaporate leaving the surface the way it was before. Trauma needs to be addressed and treated. There is no way around it as many people would like to think, the only way to the other side is through the hurt, the only way through is to address those feelings with the help of a professional. You need to get help.

Trauma doesn’t just come from such assault, you can even get trauma from a heartbreak, stop rolling your eyes I’m serious! Why do I say this? Because trauma is simply a deeply distressing experience and as such, it means one can get traumatized by pretty much anything, the bottom line is that you need to get help if you’re hurting.

You put on a good face but you are dying inside

I so desperately wanted Yashiro and Doumeki to get together but they can’t. Why not? (I am so glad you asked😊) Because Yashiro is not okay, and in my sometimes childish, hopelessly romantic mind I would throw a tantrum and insist they end up together but then the grown-up in me promptly slaps those ideas from my mind and reminds me that what Yashiro needs is psychological help. Then maybe when he is better, they can go out.

An empty cup

Picking up from the point above allows me to talk about Yashiro’s desperate attempt to run away from Doumeki. Yashiro is like an empty cup, Doumeki, on the other hand, is a cup overflowing with unconditional love, admiration and feelings of tenderness and so he wants to share these feelings with Yashiro, but Yashiro can’t accept these feelings. Why? Because he is empty, there is nothing inside and you can’t give what you don’t have. So even though Doumeki can love Yashiro with all his heart Yashiro can’t return said feelings😢💔.

At the end of the day, we can only give what we have, so what? So we need to find ways to fill ourselves with good vibes. How do we do this? to mention a few for starters if you need to talk to someone to work through things that are holding you back or making you angry or bitter then please do so. Then work on loving yourself which is a lifelong journey, then find things that make you feel useful and fulfilled then after that you can find someone to share these good feelings with.Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather by P-Chan93 on ...

Strength and weakness

“I want to protect, I want to be protected”. If it isn’t clear Yashiro was my favorite character from the manga. That quoted text is one of Yashiro’s lines. We see him get both stronger and weaker by Doumeki’s side. He is strong enough to walk away from the only man who has ever loved him in the most wholesome way imaginable and yet he finds himself being too weak to keep Doumeki around. In the final chapters leading up to chapter 40 which is how far the Manga has progressed until now we see Yashiro being both incredibly strong and incredibly weak, he is running away and at the same time, he is letting go for the good of the one who loves him.

He challenges the idea of strength and weakness. What does it mean to be strong? Would you hold on to the one you love and keep them by your side even if it meant that they would be forever be in danger for your sake? And what does it mean to be weak? Would you let them stay knowing the danger it entails, if they beg you, if they remain obdurate, would you let them stay!? Or would you run away if they refused to leave your side? And in doing so would that make you a coward?

Something to chew on as you get on with your week. Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me. If you liked this hit the like button and for more on life and love hit the follow button.

If you want to read the manga here is the link>>>




Post #90|5 Things I love about animé

Following my last post explaining how I turned into an animé otaku overnight, I thought it would be fitting for me to go ahead and explain to those who are interested why I love animé so much or rather what aspects of animé I’m so madly in love with so here goes…

The writing

In all honesty, I have found Japanese storytelling/writing to be superior to anything I have encountered so far. It doesn’t matter how good the animation is if the story is trash and at the very least Japanese writers and creators of anime and manga are well aware of this and as such they give their stories their very best which of course is to our benefit as anime and manga otaku. The stories I have come across are all moving in one regard or another and have found a way to provoke an emotion whether I like it or not. However, the truth is most anime provoke a whole lot of emotions which isn’t easy, I don’t think it’s easy to make the audience care what happens to a character enough to make them pause the animé because they don’t know if they can stomach the outcome, enough to pause it because they can’t read the subtitles through the tears, enough to close the tab and abandon the anime or manga for a week while the viewer sorts through their feelings, enough to ensnare the viewer’s mind for weeks after they have finished watching an animé or reading a manga… that is Japanese writing.

The language

First of all, I love learning so imagine my excitement when I realized that my brain was subconsciously picking up Japanese and I could be entertained while at it? Who knew I would [like every other weeaboo on the planet today] fall in love with the Japanese language as a result of anime? I love listening to the language being spoken by the natives it just sounds so good especially when the voice talent is male, those deep raspy voices sound so cool!!! I don’t know that I would have ever given Japanese any interest if it wasn’t for animé… in fact I’m pretty certain it never would have happened. However thanks to anime it did. I get to learn a new language without the pressures of being tested and be entertained while at it, it really doesn’t get better than that.

The emotional provocation

Hotarubi no Mori e, I want to eat your pancreas, Clannad after story, Your name, 5 cm per second, Hybrid child, The wind rises, Anohana and countless other animé movies and series that had me balling like a baby!!! I mean feelings of sadness and despair are not the only ones that animé provoke however this is an emotion the Japanese writers have mastered and mastered well. With reference to the paragraph above on excellent Japanese storytelling, they really make you care about a character, they will find a way to make them relatable if it’s the last thing they do. I just finished watching another romance animé which I shall be reviewing soon so please keep an eye out for it, I was laughing and then crying and then laughing again, case in point.

The humor

I find that humor is a rather delicate thing, what might be funny to one person might be deeply offensive to another. I find Japanese humor very enjoyable, I understand it and it doesn’t come off as offensive in any way, most of the humor is situational, none of it is ever someone doing something with the intention of being funny [that kind of humor always feels forced obnoxious and is often not funny at all]. In any case, most anime under the romance category generally have an element of comedy, whether they describe it as such or not, and who doesn’t like laughing? Especially with the state of the world presently being so serious, we could all do with more laughter in our lives.

The pace

There is something bitter-sweet about the pace of Japanese storytelling, they give you everything and then nothing and then they begin giving the story context, I mean, the pacing makes me want to jump off a building but I can’t because the story is so damn good!!! And the thing with Japanese writing is that regardless of the genre a lot are slice-of-life anime meaning what exactly? Meaning the story isn’t a means to an end, the story is the means and it’s an end in itself, so what? So, if you just skip to the end you won’t get any satisfaction at all. Whoever came up with this is a genius. For a lot of them, the good stuff is hidden inside and as such there are no shortcuts, you want to see something or if you’re waiting for something to happen you simply have to stay put and go episode by episode… sweet torture.

Its 2D

This last one is simple, I prefer 2D to 3D.



If you’re an otaku please let me know what it is that you love about anime in the comment section below. Thanks for spending part of your day with me hit the like button and follow button for more romance anime related content.

Post #89|How Otaku happened

My dearest readers, I realize that the majority of you subscribed for other content, and then suddenly out of nowhere you visit the blog and I was all like anime this and anime that, sumimasen!!! Because I feel obligated to explain myself I shall. This all started in mid-April with a light anime on Netflix, I will be the first to admit that I always hated anime because all the ones I had seen were dubbed which is basically where someone edits out the original Japanese voices and voice-overs are done by other people which made me hate animé. This one fateful day, for some reason I clicked on an interesting looking cartoon that I later learned was an animé and not just any animé one of the most popular ones when it aired. It was a romance anime series called Toradora and it was in Japanese. And the rest is history.

It was definitely down the anime rabbit hole after that. After my encounter with Toradora I wanted more and more anime and the more I watched the more I got into it and the more I discovered that I love listening to the Japanese voice actors and that I had a lot of respect for the casting directors. I have found that in almost every anime I have seen so far the characters match the voice talents to a tee. I do not know how they achieve that every single time but there. What’s more, is that I was feeling pretty overwhelmed at the time and I needed something to help me get away and anime turned out to be just what I needed.

Before the month was over I realized that I was burning through the so fast and not only that but the reviews I found online just weren’t telling me what I wanted to know, none of them seemed to warn me of say boring middle parts or give me enough for me to decide whether an animé is for me or not and as such I decided to be part of the solution and thus “romance animé reviews” was born. Under this category, I review romance anime exclusively on the things I feel would matter to a viewer and in the case of romance manga [which I shall begin reviewing soon] to the reader.

For those of you who were wondering about the recent shift I apologize, I shall be getting back to the relationship, adulting, lifestyle topics soon. However, those will go hand in hand with my romance animé reviews. I will make sure that the topics are more or less balanced. For those of you who roll your eyes at animé, I dare you to watch one called “Yuri on ice”, make sure it is in Japanese. At least give that one a chance and then see if you have otaku in you or not, if not then that is fine but if so, my otaku self is waiting for you with arms wide open and a whole category of reviews for you to scheme through to find your next binge. I hope you are keeping safe wherever in the world you hail from. Until my next post, Adieu mes amis!

Post #88|Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai review [18+]

After tiptoeing around this for two weeks I am ready to write a review. I have read this Yaoi manga start to finish five times and every day she continues to seduce me as though I haven’t read her enough already. Every time I read it my heart breaks but I read it again and again anyway. This Yaoi manga follows Yashiro leader of a mafia subgroup in Japan, shortly after they introduce his only friend who he has known since high school who he has been in love with for the last twenty years, he is called Kageyama-sensei, and he is a doctor. After that, we meet Doumeki a 6’4 tall drink of water who is too rough to be anything other than Yashiro’s bodyguard.SAEZURU CHAPTER 16.5 characters

The story is basically about Yashiro, following him as he navigates his feelings of being in denial about being gay despite him loving the sensation of having sex with other men, we also see him fall in love with someone new after being fixated on the same person for so long, the idea of loving someone new and worse still having that man love him back scares the living daylights out of him. For the first twenty chapters we basically see Yashiro doing everything in his power to chase Doumeki and seduce him despite the fact that Doumeki is impotent, he became so when he saw his father defiling his sister during one of his patrols, after that he beat his father to near death and as a result got four years in prison and got kicked out of the police force. When he got out of jail being a dutiful man he wanted to get a job just as soon as possible so he could support his mom and sister so he applies for a spot in Yashiro’s company thinking that they were in fact just a regular finance firm only to wind up in the Yakuza. Lol c’est la vie!!!SAEZURU CHAPTER 16.5 characters

When Doumeki first got into the company he was working in the office doing administrative work but they saw that he really isn’t the diplomatic type and seeing as they are basically loan sharks some diplomacy is needed and as such he is promptly moved to being the boss’ bodyguard and attendant. From the minute Yashiro laid eyes on Doumeki he was smitten little did Yashiro know that this whole time Doumeki had his eyes on him too. At their first meeting, Yashiro asked Doumeki if he could blow him despite the fact that Yashiro had a rule against fooling around with his subordinates but he just wants Doumeki so badly that he breaks his own principles only to learn that Doumeki’s genitals are impervious to his technique. It goes on like this and before long Yashiro was addicted to that limp d**k. It gave him comfort you see because all throughout his childhood Yashiro was molested by his stepdad and as a result he became a sex addict, the trauma of it turned him into a complete hedonist, but the beauty with Doumeki is that no matter how desperately he wanted him it just would never be a possibility.

About ten chapters in Yashiro got shot three times at extremely close range and as a result, his right arm was completely incapacitated and that was the beginning of the turning point for these two. When it happened Doumeki had gone back into the cinema where they were to pick up his boss’s coat and when he got back there was Yashiro lying on the ground with three bullet wounds, he held him and stayed by his side until he went into surgery, as a result, this being the Yakuza Doumeki lost a finger as a penalty for not being the boss’s shield. After that, his superior and Yashiro’s right hand Nanahara the same guy who ordered him to cut off his finger told him that had he not complied he would have just been beaten half to death and allowed out of the yakuza but with his finger like that, it was the same as having exchanged sake, that’s it, the last door marked exit was closed and Doumeki said that he never had any intentions to leave because the world where Yashiro is, is the world he wants to be in. this revealed to Nanahara that Doumeki was in fact in love with their boss and Nanahara took that opportunity to warn him that Yashiro hates emotional entanglements, he is only interested in sex and that the minute he finds out that Doumeki is in love with him he would cut ties immediately. For the record Nanahara was 100% correct.SAEZURU CHAPTER 2_

After a day or two Yashiro woke up, he wanted to follow up on who was trying to kill him and so he went on a little errand which almost killed him given the state of his wounded body which earned him a trip to Kageyama-sensei’s clinic, while he was there something happened, he was boiling with fever and so he asked Doumeki to unbutton his suit cause he was in his windbreaker and everything so as Doumeki is doing this Yashiro gets aroused and so he starts to j*** off but unfortunately, his left hand just isn’t as effective so his trusty bodyguard and attendant offered to help, this becomes the turning point for these two. As a result, it paints Doumeki in a new light in Yashiro’s eyes, and all those walls Yashiro had up involuntarily come crashing down. These sexual favors continue and in the process, Doumeki’s impotence begins to fade and before long he is completely cured which should be a good thing but in Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai it actually is the worst thing because when Yashiro offers to blow Doumeki, Doumeki says no because he had this sneaking feeling that the minute Yashiro finds out that he can get hard, he will be tossed out like yesterday’s newspaper and the worst bit about it was that he wasn’t wrong so he just had to do everything in his power to avoid being blown by his ever-persistent boss [this was before Yashiro got shot].

After chapter twenty it can’t be helped, these two were going to get it on, it was only a matter of time because not only has Doumeki been taking care of Yashiro’s ‘needs’ but he has also been losing himself while doing it. For some reason, once he gets a hold of him he loses any and all restraint, and chapter twenty-two to twenty-six becomes the culmination of all this. Yashiro falls asleep in the car and so Doumeki sees that it is too much trouble to wake him up so he carries him up to his flat, he watched him sleep, goes takes a shower and when he came back his boss was awake and in need of painkillers, so the dutiful attendant goes, gets the painkillers and comes back, after a bit of small talk Yashiro offers to blow Doumeki and this time he says that no or excuse me or today is not an answer he is willing to take so he blows him and lo and behold what do you think happens? Of course, Doumeki gets hard and without hesitation, Yashiro is like yay now that you are hard let’s have sex and Doumeki knowing how it would wind upturns his boss down [despite wanting to tear that ass up, he restrains himself because he wants to remain by his side]. Yashiro is not used to being turned down so when Doumeki completely refuses to cooperate Yashiro is like fine I’ll go shower then only to get in the shower with all his clothes on I’m talking his arm-sling, waistcoat belt, everything.

Looks like even the great Yashiro panics huh, he was surprised at himself. Meanwhile, Doumeki was left in the living room wondering what he could have possibly done, questioning himself as to whether perhaps he should have succumbed which brings us to the climax of the entire series chapter twenty-three [23] this is the one and only time we see Yashiro being human so if you are going to read the manga make sure you don’t miss chapter 23. In chapter 23 we see Yashiro panicking, he is in the shower with all his clothes on wondering when he became this person and going over what Doumeki had said to him, after a while Doumeki noticed the shower running and went to check on his boss and found him soaked through all his clothes sitting on the floor deep in thought so he walked up to him and turned off the shower at which point Yashiro starts to have a monologue about how Doumeki reminds him of someone from his past, how he makes him feel afraid, afraid of himself, afraid of keeping him around in such a dangerous job, but at the same time afraid of losing him. He never actually admits to being in love with him but for Yashiro, this is good enough, Doumeki thought so too and those words literally brought him to his knees, they were enough to bring tears to his eyes, so he leans over to Yashiro and hugs him for a long time, Yashiro isn’t used to any kind of compassion because his lovers don’t actually view him as a person, more like a sex doll they use and then toss aside when they are done and after Doumeki embraced him they share their first kiss. Having the author Yoneda Kou having built this beautiful tension for twenty three-chapter you can all but see the sparks of desire and passion flying off your screen/page. It was truly epic.SAEZURU CHAPTER 16.5 characters

They wind up being carried away by the tenderness of this moment and other moments after this and as a result, they make love, again we see Yoshiro being human, we see his past haunting him despite his not wanting to confront the demons from his past, for some reason while he is making love to Doumeki, he has these horrific flashbacks and as a result, he started crying. After this of course Yashiro runs away, can you say predictable and he leaves sweet Doumeki behind.

The chapters’ progress and it is revealed that Yoshiro does in fact love Doumeki but the idea of abandoning who he is just isn’t worth it so he chooses Yashiro over Doumeki. Doumeki doesn’t go down without a fight though, he chases after him, takes the car and goes to pick him up, this tie he protects him, they are shot at and at least this time he makes for an effective shield and after that, they drive off, Yoshiro orders him to stop the car so he can kick him out and Doumeki refuses to leave, he says that he intends on staying by his side and protecting him no matter what. They fight a bit but Doumeki remains obdurate and Yashiro finally stands down. Yashiro had ordered the car to go meet his boss named Hirata who was after his life, he is actually the guy who had ordered the hitman to kill Yashiro at that time. when Doumeki and Yashiro got there Hirata hadn’t been delivered yet so Doumeki and Yoshiro have one last heart to heart and as a parting gift, Yashiro shoots Doumeki cause Doumeki just won’t leave him alone, after shooting Doumeki he goes to meet with Hirata.

When he gets there Hirata is all tied up so the first thing he does is he orders his men to untie Hirata and they do after that he orders them to leave. Yashiro had a death wish you see and we see this suicidal streak twice, the first time was when he got shot, he didn’t run, in fact, he was helping the hitman to end his life which of course spooked him and he fled leaving Yoshiro holding the gun. Again we see that suicidal streak when he is interacting with Hirata who is intent on killing him and this is what Yashiro says, “to go on living a worn-out life is simply absurd which is why this way I can finally put an end to my own existence” he is fast to succumb. This whole time as Hirata is attacking him, kicking and punching him he doesn’t fight back a single time, he does nothing to protect himself, he does nothing to preserve his own life. For me it was just a reminder that he really is broken, there is nothing left for him to leave for, and it truly is tragic.

Doumeki being his trusty bodyguard came to his rescue even while he was suffering bullet wounds inflicted by the man he was rushing to save, in the end, Doumeki gets shot in the chest and almost dies too. The chapter ends with the two of them passed out in the rain. Luckily they both survive but Yashiro pretends that the blow to his head wiped out all memories of Doumeki and even though Doumeki wanted to stick around that line for some reason made him feel completely defeated which brings us to filler chapters and finally to chapter forty where they meet again after four years, at this point Doumeki is twenty-nine [29 years] and Yoshiro is forty [40 years] yes they have an eleven-year age gap. That scene where their eyes meet again for the first time in four years, having invested all this time consumed by this masterful piece of graphic literature, I stared at it for a long time and felt a whole mess of things, happy, sad, confused, disappointed, depressed, heartbroken, angry, and other feelings I assure you but alas that’s where Yoneda Kou leaves us, and that was all she wrote.


I don’t know what will happen in the coming chapters but if you have made it this far congratulations. New chapters will supposedly be released on July 31st so we shall patiently wait and see what happens. There will be a part two to this, I have to end this here because it is already so long but if you haven’t read it well now you’re all caught up and if this sparked your interest then I shall be leaving the link to the manga below and the trailer because it was set to be released in February but delayed thanks to #coronavirus. If you have reached this far I truly appreciate you. Hit the like button and for more hit the follow button which are both below this post. Adieu!!!

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Post #87| Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu Review

I absolutely loved Dakaretai, I can’t even openly admit how many times I have watched this yaoi anime. Okay before I review any more Yaoi and people start wondering “okay what’s wrong with this girl?” Yaoi is my favorite genre of both manga and anime [I’m a hardcore FUJOSHI] and for this reason, the majority of anime reviews will be Yaoi 🙂 .

Dakaretai is a Yaoi anime about two celebrities, Takato-san who was the number one most lusted after man in Japan and his rival Azumaya Junta who dethroned him which was quite an ego blow to Takato-san after being reigning king for five years. The story follows Junta the new celebrity and Takato the former reigning champ. Turns out that Junta was obsessed with Takato-san the whole time even before he quite literally “attacked” him.

Takato-san left, Azumaya Junta right

Okay, let’s go back to the beginning. The story starts with the filming of a new soap where the two will be working together, so we have Junta in the lead and Takato as his co-star and from that first table reading the director asks them to go out for drinks so they can get better acquainted. As they are out drinking cause Takato is feeling bitter about being dethroned and not being the lead he gets piss drunk and as a result, Junta decides to take Takato home cause he was too drunk to go home on his own.

When Takato woke up it was revealed that he was filmed by Junta talking smack about him which would obviously be bad for his reputation so he asked Junta what he wants in return for deleting that footage and just as Takato was expecting him to say connections or money Junta was like “I can have anything I ask for?” Takato was like of course there is no way I am going to let my career go down the drain because of this and as Takato prepared mentally to probably cut a large check or something Junta looked at him dead in the eye and said what I want is for you sleep with me. Jaw drop!!!Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. Episode 2 - Watch ...

It’s funny, despite being there watching it, it still caught me by surprise. Of course, Takato -san doesn’t swing that way so he is like “what the hell no!!! I thought you would ask me for connections or money, be reasonable.” After negotiations went sour there was a bit of chasing around which left Junta locked in his own bathroom at which time Takato-san took to save his behind from being defiled. Haha, pun intended.

As I have said in posts before I really don’t like nonconsensual sex, in BL such things are pretty common [despite being  BL apologist] but in all honesty I really I’m not a fan so in the next episode when Junta stopped acting like an animal and asks for proper consent even gets down on his knees and everything I was like ….swoooon!! It was so kawaii. Naturally, after that I was hooked because at least they are respectful of the little things for goodness sake. After that, it basically is a slice of life anime about these two as they go about their work and life. It’s pretty cute, to be honest, and the story flows beautifully, it is a drama so there is a lot of drama so if that’s your cup of tea then bring a bog straw!!! I promise you will love Dakaretai as I did or maybe even more and the AMV had me holding my breath, if it doesn’t whet your appetite nothing will. I will be sure to leave a link below this post. Be sure to hit the like button and for more Yaoi, anime and smut hit the follow button which are both below.