Monthly Girls Nozakikun Anime review

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Runtime: 23 min/Eps

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen

Imagine if every time you tried to confess you romantic feelings to your crush it ended up a signing session. You keep trying to confess your love and just end up with more autographs. That is the Sakura Chiyo-chan’s miserable fate.

She is in love with her classmate Nozaki Umetarou who just so happens to be the manliest looking guy in her class so frankly it is easy to see why she is so smitten. Nozaki-kun on the other hand has the emotional intelligence capacity of a capsule. He can’t read the room to save his life or Sakura’s for that matter.

Due to several failed attempts to confess her love to Nozaki-kun she ends up working for him as an assistant. He is a Mangaka who writes Shoujo manga. I find monthly girl’s Nozakikun more of a comedy than a romance because throughout the season the two main characters never actually have a successful love confession one way or another.

What I like about monthly girl’s Nozaki-kun is that the humor is so on point. I mean Nozaki-kun’s lack of emotional intelligence cracked several of my ribs and I a sure it ill do the same for you. Also Sakura’s reactions are so animated and exaggerated they are just a scream not to mention the other supporting characters. I especially liked the one they call the school’s prince, totally waifu even though I would have to sisterwife with three quarters of the student body population, I don’t mind.

This is definitely a light anime. It didn’t move me as much as some of the other animé I have been watching but it’s not worth ignoring either. If you like this then be sure to hit the like button below and for more animé reviews be sure to hit the follow button below. Thanks for being awesome. See you in my next post.

Devil’s line Anime review

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Run time: 23 Min/Eps

Genres: Action, Drama, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural, Vampire

Highlight: Episode 8 ❤

Another great anime that I have just very recently discovered. This is an animé following Anzai Yuuki a vampire, Taira Tsukasa and a couple other characters. Anzai-san and Taira-san meet at the start of the season. Anzai-san looks like some creep that seems to be stalking Taira but turns out he actually wasn’t stalking her, he as after Akimura-san who is Tsukasan’s classmate who happens to be vampire. Turns out he had killed some women so there was a warrant for his arrest. That was the day Anzai-san and Taira-san met.

The show is about the police force that has vampires in it case truthfully the human policemen aren’t able to catch the vampire criminals if they tried. It’s also about the budding romance between Anzai-san and Taira-san as well as Anzai-san figuring out his past. Why he is the way that he is, how he came to be and all that.

What I loved about this anime was that for once the characters are NOT in high school, can someone give me a hallelujah? The characters are in college and so the conversations are a little more mature. The intimate scenes are a little more mature too which just makes it more interesting to watch frankly. I mean I am an adult, I want to watch adult content for gosh sake otherwise being an adult will truly be a scam.

I also loved the fact that they don’t play off serious moments with humor, how so very refreshing, how the little things make a difference. It is so refreshing to have a serious conversation be just that. No one laughs, there are no jokes to make light the situation, things just are what they are.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the ending is so underwhelming. It ends sure but the ending is so damn meh I could cry. They wind the audience real tight leading up to the end and then nothing happens.

In any case it’s not all bad. The story is really good and it has a ton of action and if nothing else then at least watch it until episode 8 trust me on this one. if you end up watching this then make sure to leave me a like and for more reviews follow the blog by hitting the follow button below. Thanks for being awesome. See you in my next post.

Beastars Season 2 Anime Review

Seasons: 2 total

Episodes: 12/Sn

Run time: 22 min/Eps

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Shounen, Slice of Life

After watching Beastars season 1 I was itching for season 2 but it was super disappointing. I shall be dropping mad spoilers so please be warned.

In Beastars season 2 we learn that the bear killed the lama. In season 1 a lama was killed in one of the lecture halls and for the whole of season 1 they couldn’t figure out who had done it so in season 2 at least that part of the puzzle is filled.

In season 1 there is a budding romance between the bunny and the wolf but then in season 2 that relationship is completely abandoned in the storytelling which for someone like me gave me almost no reason to continue watching Beastars. I started watching Beastars because it was pushed as a romance animé which is my personal favorite genre. Season 2 is more detective and action which is not my cup of tea which is why I can sum up season 2 in two words, uragiri mono!!!

I felt completely betrayed. I was looking forward to seeing the wolf and the bunny figure out how to date despite their species but no. instead I got twelve episodes of detective work. I am so disappointed. I mean I guess it’s not all bad, if you like detective work and action then you will definitely like season 2 better that season 1 but if not then you will be saying “uragiri mono” by the end of it just like I was.

This is why I write reviews, to warn you of such things.

In season 2 we see the wolf find himself in a position to investigate what happened. He is deputized by the school security to find out what happened. We also see him try to change his diet. He wants to figure out how to live without eating meat which of course makes him weaker. He gets his ass beaten up pretty badly several times, he almost dies several times but he solves the case.

I wish I could hype this up more because I was really looking forward to it but alas I cannot. If this has saved you a serious waste of your time then please make me feel better about wasting mine by hitting the like button below and following the blog for more animé review. Thanks for being awesome. See you in the next post.

Rent a girlfriend Season 1 Anime Review

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Runtime: 24 min/Eps

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen

The truth is I almost wound up not watching this animé, why? Excellent question I’m glad you asked that. The start was little weak but she definitely picked up speed after that first episode.

Rent a girlfriend is exactly about what the title suggests. It is an anime about a girl-friend renting service. The show follows the main girl-friend for rent by the name Ichinose, Chizuru and the rented/boyfriend who goes by the name Kinoshita, Kazuya.

What makes this animé interesting is that this was supposed to be a onetime thing. But alas! That first time they met Kazuya’ grandmother got admitted so in the middle of their date they had to go to the hospital where his whole family was and so he had to introduce the rented girlfriend as the official girlfriend which was quite binding. After that Kazuya told Chizuru that he would tell his family they broke up only for Chizuru to realize that her grandmother was in the same hospital with Kazuya’s grandmother and that the two grans had actually become great friends because their grandkids are going out so then they were both bound in the lie.

What I love about this is that the whole mess is hilarious to watch. It’s actually more of a comedy than anything else. It’s just one hurdle after another but there are also very real and very relatable moments for instance Kazuya is recovering from a heart break. They explain everything in a super funny way but they have these moments where Kazuya talks about his pain and it all becomes very real very fast.

What I didn’t like about this animé was the weak ending. I mean that ending was some seriously weak tea and of course it had me yelling at my laptop “uragiri mono!!!” I mean I watched all 12 episodes diligently and for what? For nothing.

Because the ending was so useless I have no trouble ruining it. In the end it looks like Chizuru is finally starting to have feelings for Kazuya so they have this moment where Kazuya tells her that he doesn’t want someone else, if it’s not her then he doesn’t want anyone else. What irked me the most was that until that part it as so earnest I felt my chest tighten on Chizuru’s behalf but then they had to spit in our face. Kazuya then says that he wants her as a rented girlfriend and in my mind I’m like, “bro wtf is wrong with you? That was your moment but you f***ing blew it. You and I are no longer hommies you’re totally useless.” Anyway so that was the ending. I mean as you can see I am clearly over it, I am no longer bitter about it at all.

This isn’t to say that the animé is bad because it’s a scream I just didn’t approve of the ending and now that you have been warned of that useless ending you won’t feel as betrayed so please watch it. Also, leave me a like so I feel motivated to keep reviewing anime even when they betray me and follow the blog by hitting the follow button below. Thanks for being awesome. See you in my next post.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Anime Review

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 25/Sn

Run time: 23 min/Eps

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Highlight: Episode 9 ❤

In fruits basket season 2 the plot thickens. We meet Akito-san more often and the story of the bond is explained in a more one plus one way. When season on starts it becomes clear that a romance might develop between Tooru [Honda-san], Yuki [Mouse spirit] and or Kyou [Cat spirit].

This is made clear in season 1 but in season 2 the writers definitely start charting a clear course showing that it’s a romance between Tooru and Kyou and if I’m being honest this starts in season 1 with that episode where Tooru-chan caught a cold and Kyou-kun made her something to eat but that’s neither here nor there.

As for the rat spirit he says that he see Honda-san as more of a mother figure and so do a lot of the other younger spirit animals so it’s not like we don’t get where that vibe came from so he is basically out of the running which makes it a little boring but what can we do?

In season 2 we also see a more confident Kyou-kun. After that episode where he and Honda-san had a heart to heart he really was able to accept himself and after that he becomes more confident and he rejects the boar girl properly so he can focus all his attention on Honda-san [which is super romantic kawaiiiiiii].

There is also more of a tag of war between Akito-san and Tooru-chan except Tooru isn’t tagging with anyone. It’s like Akito is playing by himself and thinking he is winning. It’s ridiculous but that’s what makes it interesting.

All this I liked about season 2. What I didn’t like about season 2 is that there is still no progress between Kyou-kun and Honda-san the furthest the go is Kyou-kun telling Honda-san that if she got a boyfriend he would support her and I swear I felt like smacking the sh** out of him, I was like “sir, what is wrong with you?” You get your moment and that’s the best you can do? How so very disappointing but what can we do. Season 2 also leaves us on a bit of a cliff-hanger but I don’t see how it affects the outcome of the story but that’s what season 3 is for isn’t it?

If you haven’t gotten on the fruits basket train you are seriously seriously missing out. This is a classic for a reason. I talked about how fruits basket is in a lot of anime lists on YouTube and I realized why that was the case when I watched it. Well, because it’s brilliant. It’s that simple and you seriously need to see it for yourself.

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Dororo Anime Review

Season: 1

Episodes: 24

Run time: 24/Eps

Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural

I cannot believe I’m just now discovering this. I’m so not okay. This was such an incredible watch I feel ashamed having just now discovered it. Dororo is an animé following Dororo a little boy traveling alone as a con artist who is saved by a strange young man [Hyakkimaru] who has prosthetic limbs but even so, his fighting skills are insane. His strength, speed, and agility are superhuman. Yet he is deaf, blind, and can’t speak.

This is the first anime I have seen of its kind. It starts with a general called Daigo, who was so desperate to save his land that he decided to make a deal with demons, he promises to give them whatever of his they wanted in exchange for letting him rule a prosperous land. In exchange for that, they ate his baby. As it happened, when he made that deal his wife was delivering their first child. As soon as the child was safely out of the womb the demons descended and ate everything. The Buddha god sacrificed herself, she gave her head in exchange for the baby’s head and that was all that was left of Hyakkimaru. Of course, they had to dispose of it and so they sent it off with one of the midwives. The baby showed determination to live so it wasn’t drowned in the river instead it was placed gently in a boat with the hope that the chips of fate fall favorably to it, and they did.

The baby did not succumb to its situation. It was saved by a former warlord called Jukai. Jukai had a gift for making prosthetics so using his gift he fashioned the baby a body and the baby grew, when it was old enough Jukai-sensei realized that that trait, that relenting push this baby had to live is what his name should be and so Jukai-sensei named him Hyakkimaru.

Hyakkimaru trained under this former warlord and of course, before long he was strong and could not only protect himself but also slay demons. He quickly realized that when he kills demons he gets his body back and so Jukai-san explained to him that might be the cause of his lack of body parts and so Jukai-san told Hyakkimaru to go to the place with the family emblem that was on the pouch that was wrapped around him as a baby and he would find the answers to what happened to him and it was on this journey that Hyakkimaru and Dororo met.

From the minute these two meet they are inseparable to the very end and before long Dororo was referring to Hyakkimaru as Aniki which for you non-weebs means Brother so their bond was getting quite strong.

The animé follows Hyakkimaru on his journey to retrieve his body from the demons with Dororo by his side. What I like about this story is that it’s not just as simple as it sounds but this time I won’t spoil everything, this story is too good for that so if this sounds interesting then please watch it for yourself. The most I can do is add a really nice trailer or amv.

In addition to making deals with demons, they also tackle a lot of moral issues. For instance, what would you do if sacrificing someone you loved saved the whole planet? Would you do it? You give them to be eaten by demons and everyone else lives, yourself included, they might even throw in wealth and whatever you want in exchange for the most important person in your life, would you do it? It’s definitely food for thought.

I loved watching Dororo. It was such a treat. I have already repeated it a couple of times and still not sick of it yet so definitely check it out. If you like this review then be sure to hit the like button and to follow the blog be sure to hit the follow button below. Thanks for being awesome. See you in my next post.

Beastars Season 1 Anime Review

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 12/Sn

Run time: 22 min/Eps

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Shounen, Slice of Life

I absolutely loved watching Beastars season 1. By the end of the last episode I was itching for season 2.

Beastars season 1 was very interesting for so many reasons. Season 1 focuses on the play and the theatre club. We have the antelope who is the star of the show, he is beautiful, elegant and very talented. He tells a story of how carnivores and herbivores can coexist peacefully it is deep and moving.

Close to the beginning of the animé we see the wolf and the bunny meet. The bunny is a fan of letting her freak flag fly, she was heading to her dorm after carnal activities when a wolf attacked her. He didn’t eat her thank goodness but that was how their love story starts. Turns out that the bunny was the antelope’s main squeeze but because the antelope was supposed to take over his family company he couldn’t publically claim the bunny as his partner. Because of that and some other reasons he loses her to the wolf.

A lot happened in season 1, between the drama that was going on in the drama club and the sleeping around, the bunny was also stolen by some mafia lions and ended up being saves by her two knights in shining armor who had to work together to save her. There was also the female wolf who believed that she was a better match for the main character wolf because well they are the same species and on and on.

Season one is rich in story and in drama. The only thing that is not completely addressed is who killed the lama but fear not that is addressed in season 2. My favorite thing about season 1 were the relationships. They were really interesting to watch. As a proud otaku I have watched a lot of romance animé and as such I no need something different to keep me interested and this definitely did it for me.

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Ouran High school host club Anime review

Season: 1

Episodes: 26

Runtime: 23 min/Eps

Genres: Slice of life, Romance, Reverse harem, High school

Ouran high school host club is my favorite type of animé… reverse harem.

I found it to be more comedy than anything else. Episode one especially cracked me up. So the season starts with Haruhi Fujioka getting into trouble with the host club for breaking one of their expensive vases. The vase is worth several hundred yen and so they strong arm her into working it off. Because she has a tomboy frame it takes them a long while to figure out that she is actually a girl so for the most part they think that she is actually a boy and treat her as such. It is a host club after all and their job is to serve women so what use would they have for a female servant?

What I liked about this animé was watching Haruhi interact with the guys at the host club. She has a very personalized dynamic with all of them. The host club is made up of six other boys making her the seventh. It has the blondie and the ou-sama of the host club Souo Tamaki, the accountant and financier Kyouya Ootari, the ninja cutie Haninozuka Mitsukuni and his servantesque friend Morinozuka Takashi and finally the incestuous trouble making twins Hitachiin Kaoru and Hitachiin Hikaru.

Throughout the animé we see a tango for her affection between the ou-sama blondie and the incestuous twins. Actually one of the twins liked her more than the other but they didn’t explore it during the animé, either way it was still entertaining to watch. Ultimately the animé is a romance between the ou-sama and the hime-sama in disguise. Drawing attention away from the happy couple for a minute there was also something else that I loved to see. They also show a cross dressing guy who is actually straight, they call them okamas, so Haruhi’s dad is an okama. I forget what he does for work exactly but he is always in women’s clothes. I especially loved this scene where Haruhi had a parent teacher conference and she was telling her dad that she would prefer he didn’t go and when he asked if it was because she was embarrassed of him she said it was because he worked so ha that on his day off she wanted him to sleep, that he should take better care of his health now that he was all she had left. It’s safe to say that I was drowning in tears. They handled a very heavy thing in passing but I definitely picked up on it. It was deeply moving. I am glad they chose to add it in.

The first ten episodes are definitely the best, the next couple after that are a little filler like then the plot picks up again in the end so don’t say you weren’t warned. All in all is this worth a watch? Definitely.

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Fruits basket season 1 Anime review

Fruits Basket 2019

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 25/Sn

Run time: 23 min/Eps

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Highlight: Episode 24 ❤

I had been seeing this animé in several reviews since I got into animé I can’t even explain to myself why it has taken me this long to watch it. What I love the most about it is that you never see the emotional curve ball coming. I mean I could be laughing one second then balling my eyes out the next. I’m I bipolar? We’ll never know.

Fruits basket is a comedy, fantasy, Shoujo and slice of life anime about the twelve horoscope animals and their bond to their Kamisama. It talks about the promise that was made centuries ago, a promise that is fulfilled generation after generation to be together, to love their Kamisama and to never betray them. Those are the chains around some of the main characters in fruits basket. These horoscope animal spirits reside in human bodies so when the humans are hugged by the opposite sex they transform to their animal selves and if you’ve watched a fruits basket trailer that’s probably the part you’ve seen.

Season one lightly touches on the bond, they don’t explain it that well but it’s explained more in depth in the second season. In season one we get to meet the horoscope members they are all part of the Soma family. We get to see their tragic upbringing. Most of them were thrown away by their parents which is beyond sad. When they meet Honda-san they all find themselves unexplainably drawn to her because Honda-san has a seriously motherly vibe. She gives off a warm, welcoming, unconditional love vibe. They all find themselves opening up to Honda-san and seeking comfort from her and as the audience we can clearly see that it comes from the fact that they have just never had that which is why they rely on Honda-san thus.

It’s interesting to watch the character untangle their traumatic pasts and figure out futures that they are deciding for themselves. It’s also interesting to see the hold that the Akito-san their Kamisama has on them. It is truly interesting to behold, it definitely thickens the stew.

However no matter how interesting the characters are, Honda-san takes the cake. I watch a lot of reviews where review-senseis get to pick their waifus and I believe I have found at least my first one. Honda-san is super clumsy and she doesn’t always remember to think of herself but she is totally waifu!!! She is determined, disciplined, warm and kind and has that momly vibe that makes one feel at home like they can open up and be vulnerable. Honda-san doesn’t have a mean bone in her body she is pretty much an angel I shall refer to her as Honda-hime from here on out. She is just the bee’s knees.

Fruits basket is definitely a classic because of all the characters it has and all the stories that are going on at the same time. The stories might be fantastical but they are still relatable which is more than what we can ask for as an audience. It’s magical yes but still ground in reality. Above all else they make it clear that there is no simple solution and that’s what I love the most about it. sometimes black and white can be boring and hard to relate but here we see a situation that is all grey, different shades of grey, which makes it a lot more interesting.

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Destiny of the shrine maiden Anime review

Kannazuki no miko

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Runtime: 23 min/Eps

Genres: Shoujo-ai, Yuri, Romance, Slice of life

Destiny of the shrine maiden is a Yuri animé following Himemiya Chikane and Kurusugawa Himeko. Chikane is the hime-sama of the high school she is everything the other girls aspire to be. She is academically brilliant, athletic, and beautiful, has long black hair, is from a well to do family and has an ample bust. Himeko-chan is the complete opposite. She is basically nobody. She is not well spoken, he is not a natural leader, and she is super clumsy too.

Chikane-sama and Himeko-chan meet on the first day of the new semester. Himeko-chan in Himeko-chan fashion was tripping on air and Chikane-sama being the Hime-sama of the school saved Himeko from losing some of her permanent teeth falling down the stairs. After that first encounter they find themselves spending more and more time together. There are there villains whose names I just no forget. These students live in a special town where time moves slowly and they have these transformative villains who decided to lay waste to part of the town and because of it Himeko-Chan’s house was destroyed and so she had to stay with Chikane-hime.

Naturally living together drew them closer and the rest is history… not really. This animé is definitely a Yuri so there has to be a boy character to try and rock the boat. Turns out that Chikane-hime and Himeko-chan are both shrine maidens and their destiny is to kill each other. In ever lifetime one of them is destined to kill the other but actually they are lovers so each time they are reborn they find each other again and fall in love all over again. It’s pretty romantic if you ask me.

I loved the storyline I thought it was well executed. The show in itself I don’t know I’m not really a fan of robot fights in animé so that part was like whatever but the shrine maiden stuff, that was interesting and how Himeko realized who Chikane-hime was in the end, man I needed tissues because the sniffles were real.

The only thing that I didn’t like about it is the thing that I don’t like about all Yuri which is the fact that all Yuri’s are set in high school. I mean would it kill these Mangaka to give us one mature Yuri animé? Is that too much to ask? I mean what happens to all these lesbians after high school? Do they just seize to exist or what? Y’all owe us Mangaka-senseis.

If you like Yuri this one is definitely worth a watch. The love is there, it is real and it is out in the open not implied like in some other Yuri’s. If you liked this review be sure to let me know by hitting the like button below and for more animé reviews be sure to follow the blog by hitting the follow button below.

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